Real Estate Photography

Show Off Your Property.. And Get Perfect Exposure!

Great photos are a handshake, a best-dressed introduction to your show homes and display suites. They are the first thing a potential client sees when they enter your website and will influence their buying decisions in a matter of seconds.


Your company spent a lot of time and money building, finishing and staging your property. Point and shoot cameras or camera phones cannot handle the unique lighting, wide angle views and sharpness required to showcase your hard work with the quality you expect.


We use studio-grade equipment to professionally photograph your listing, display home or condo.


You get photographs that look like they belong in a magazine!


Studio lighting helps create crisp images showing every detail of the room with accurate colour. Great care is taken to set up lighting that defines the best features of the rooms. It takes more time, but the results are worth it! Check out the example images below.


Studio Lighting Interior Examples:


The (High Dynamic Range) Fusion photographic technique produces beautiful results using only ambient (available natural) light. The process involves a series of camera exposures and post-processing resulting in a fused image which contains a tonal range much greater than that of a single exposure. This technique is also used for exteriors in bright daylight and in twilight or night-time photos.

See the examples below.


HDR Fusion Interior Examples:


HDR Fusion Exterior Examples:


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